Motorcycle Riding and Its Effects

It has been proven through studies that hobbies help improve our lives in many ways. The same goes for motorcycle riding. Yes, it’s good for you physically and mentally because, in the end, it is a hobby and a hobby like no other indeed. Motorcycle riding is a very fun activity but it comes with many other perks too which add to a better you in the future. Below are the things affected by motorcycle riding. 1. Focus In today's modern world people struggle to keep their minds focused on one spot. Being limited to some social media apps has caught us in a bad way. If you want to know its effects go here. So, to keep your focus together you need to learn to fixate it on one place. Riding a bike does that job perfectly. While riding the rider has to be active all the time. In a car, you may doze but not on a motorcycle. It requires you to remain vigilant and aware of many things like the way the road leads to, oncoming traffic, speed limit, how the bike is going, etc. These might sound

Five reasons to play GTA Vice City today

Five reasons to play GTA Vice City today

GTA III had 100% completion, but there was no reward for doing so. Hence, it was largely pointless. By comparison, GTA Vice City has 100% completion as well, but it also offers an incentive to do so.

This type of gameplay doesn't appeal to most casual players, but it does make the game seem more interesting to hardcore fans. If they bother to 100% GTA Vice City, they will unlock:

  • Maximum health of 200
  • Maximum armor of 200
  • Refreshing ammunition
  • Can recruit a bodyguard at the Vercetti Estate for $2000 (up to three times)
  • Makes vehicles twice as durable when Tommy Vercetti is driving them
  • The Frankie Outfit

4) It's still a GTA game

If a person loves the classic GTA formula, chances are, they'll love GTA Vice City too. It follows all of the core principles of what makes the GTA franchise so great, and it adds its own extra flavor to make it more unique.

However, this extra oomph isn't cumbersome. Instead, it makes GTA Vice City a unique game that is still familiar enough to those who love the GTA series. It's an old-school GTA game, but its differences to GTA 5 don't make it objectively bad.

3) Classic charm and nostalgia

GTA Vice City is still enjoyable today for the memories, regardless of 80s nostalgia or one's fondness for the game itself. Even if a player has never played it before, GTA Vice City stands on its own merits as a great game.

The 80s music perfectly captures the setting, and the clothing is also rather suitable for the location. It's not an 80s parody like one would see today, where everybody has ugly 80s fashion.

Of course, the game is still fun to play for those who loved it over a decade ago. Some things might not have aged well, but it didn't become a terrible game over the span of a few years.

2) It's one of the few GTA titles with Vice City as a location

It sounds like a minor reason, but it's more significant than one would realize. Many GTA fans are anticipating Vice City's return as the main destination for GTA 6, as this location hasn't been seen since GTA Vice City Stories.

It's been over a decade since Vice City has been seen in a GTA game. It has only appeared twice from the 3D universe onward, and it has yet to show up in the HD universe.

Of course, the location itself is pretty cool to explore. It's easy to navigate through, and the coastal vibes help make GTA Vice City stand out compared to other GTA games.

1) Diverse mission selection

GTA Vice City is deceptively diverse when it comes to mission objectives and general gameplay. Although the core gameplay doesn't differ too much from GTA 3, GTA Vice City still manages to make the missions more varied. This, in turn, makes it feel like a more fresh and innovative game.

There are plenty of regular missions that many GTA fans know and love. However, there are also plenty of stranger missions, such as the various RC missions. Even the more regular missions sometimes have exciting features attached to them, which makes them stand out from the norm.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.


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